Your CV is important !

Please take your time when constructing your CV as this is a reflection of your commitment to your potential yachting career.

We have prepared a template for you so you can ensure it is following industry standards.

How to apply or submit your CV to us.

To submit your application to us please scroll down and register by clicking “Register” or “Sign up”. Once you are signed in you will easily be able to apply for any job listed.

All candidates have a fair and equal opportunity to gain employment and we will not discriminate or prevent future employment of our seafarers.

We work under the MCA guidelines. For further information , go to:

Useful information

ABACUS & MARCH do not charge fees of any form to seafarers directly or indirectly for providing employment or placement service. This does not include the costs of obtaining a national seafarers book, appropriate medical or other required certificates which will be the responsibility of the candidate

Complaints Procedure

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the recruitment process or would like to raise any issue you should do the following:

The following guideline is the standard procedure for all candidates that would like to file a complaint against the company (Abacus & March).

If the problem cannot be resolved with the person direct, then you must make a phone appointment to speak with the company Director through the company secretary : A date will be set and the Director will try and help resolve the problem.

Prior to the telephone conversation with the Director. A clear detailed description of the complaint should be logged and submitted by email to : The company will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days of receipt. (Please note that a number of staff are part time and working days may not be consecutive).

If the complaint is still not resolved within 30 days of the original submission date and you are not satisfied with the outcome – You contact the MCA direct – details below.

You are free to contact the MCA at anytime during this period directly,

MCA (Maritime Coast Guard Agency).
Bay 2/20
Spring Place
105 Commercial Road, Southampton, S015 1EG