Your CV is what sells you so make it count.

Your CV should be no more than 2 pages of A4 paper and contain a nice sized coloured photo of you. This photo needs to be professional, so no sunglasses, hair needs to be neat and tidy and your photo does not have to be taken by the side of a yacht in a port.

Your CVS need to be relevant to the position you’re going for. i.e. if you’re going to a stewardess/steward job you need to really push all your hospitality, bar work, café work you have done.

If you’re after a deck role remember to add any mechanical training, or carpentry and if you have any water sports, bike riding or any other hobbies remember to add them.

And with an engineer remember to add in any electrical work, hydraulics or computer skills.

If you do need any help with your CV please do contact and we can guide you through it all.