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Abacus & March was established in Europe in 2012.
We are a dynamic young company specialising in high quality Interior Training.
We also provide professional recruitment and placement of crew for the yachts from 20m- 150m. From Captains, Mates to Deckhand’s and Pursers, Chief stewardess to Junior stewardess’s and all Galley roles from Head Chef down to Galley Assistant’s. Whatever crew you need be assured they are of top quality with all references and certificates verified. A&M can also provide staff for private households if required
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Scheduled Training Courses 

  • w600-2-shutterstock_390161239

    GUEST 2-Day Advanced Spirits & Mixology Module 2


    • Know how to make 16 basic drinks + Variations

    • Will understand the concept of Mixology

    • Will be able to be creative with ingredients

    • Will be able to draw up their own menu

    • Will be trained in speed and efficiency

    • Will have a good understanding of Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila and Whisky

    • Will know how to conduct a tasting

    • This course will be assessed by Practical and Theory and needs a 65% pass rate


  • plaiting

    Ship’s Cook Certificate of Competency


    2 days

    Accredited by HABC and compliant with CISR and MCA

    In 2013, the PYA took the initiative to develop a luxury yachting equivalent route to obtain the compulsory Ships Cook Assessment with the MCA. This was undertaken in response to the pending regulations under MLC (with the deadline of August 2014 looming), where it was required for MLC compliant commercial yachts to have a qualified “Ship’s Cook Certificate” holding cook on board at all times when catering for more than 10 crew on board. (Note this does not include guests).

  • glasses

    GUEST 3-Day Advanced Service

    Course Description

    The Advanced Service Module provides a thorough overview on both a theoretical and practical level of different service styles such as Butler and Silver Service, as well as the knowledge and ability to run Service smoothly and efficiently – key skills required within any Interior team. Other important aspects of Service include table setting, Mise en place, Caviar Service and understanding luxury accompaniments and menu items. Additional Service skills such as Carving, Fileting and Flambé are practised. Focus is placed on practical ability and on mastering the finer details. Delegates are also shown how to provide, organise and manage event services both onboard and ashore.


  • ring

    GUEST 2-Day Advanced Valet

    Course Description:
    This two-day course covers the key aspects of valet service while providing an insight into the importance of the relationship between the employer/guest and the valet. Focus is given to applying efficient valet services such as handling guest clothing and accessories, suitcase packing and wardrobe management. Ironing and pressing of guest clothing, shoe care, understanding the correct attire for occasions and how to tie a bowtie are just some of the topics covered in this hands-on course.


  • towles20

    GUEST 1-Day Advanced Laundry

    Compulsory before Valet Service module

    Course Description:
    This one-day course offers invaluable tips, guidelines and practical training on how to apply and manage efficient laundry services onboard. It includes a thorough overview and practical sessions on professional ironing of garments and linens while also looking at useful procedures and simple steps which can save time while still ensuring the highest standards in equipment, garment and linen care.


  • inspect

    GUEST 1-Day Advanced Housekeeping

    Course Description:
    This one-day course provides in-depth knowledge of the advanced aspects of Housekeeping and organisation skills required for the maintenance and smooth running of the Guest Interior. There is a thorough review of Housekeeping basics, followed by more advanced theory on the care and maintenance of surfaces and fabrics. Focus is also given to anticipating guest needs, time management and the importance of attention to detail in the Housekeeping department.


  • roses

    GUEST 1-Day Advanced Floristry and Plant Maintenance

    Course description:
    Our floristry course will give you an understanding and practical experience of the fundamentals of floristry and plant care, including the elements and principles of floral design, storing, conditioning and handling of flowers, how to source and order flowers as well as the ability to create stunning displays using the principles of colour schemes, placements and dimensions. In addition, the course will give you a great understanding of using different types of plants in arrangements and how to care for popular plants.


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    GUEST – Purser training

    Coming January 2019 – please contact us for all details.

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    GUEST Food service Level 3 City and Guilds


    With the responsibility of preparing & serving of foods, this Course identifies with any possible problems and recommends solutions. This Course is important and ideally suited to those responsible for supervising and overseeing members of staff/crew.

    Particularly relevant to those developing or monitoring a HACCP based on food safety management procedures and systems within any form of the catering business.


  • w600-s_222922186

    GUEST Food service Level 2 City and Guilds

    Food Safety Level 2 is a qualification aimed at chefs, stewardesses and all food handlers. The qualification is intended for those already working on yachts and those who are preparing to work in the industry.


  • purser2

    GUEST 5-Day Advanced Leadership and Management

    Course Description:

    The Advanced Leadership and Management courses provide a thorough grounding in both theory and practical application of the different skills, tools and tips needed for the efficient management within a yacht’s interior. Participants are taught a variety of transferable techniques and skills, as well as the knowledge and ability to smoothly and efficiently manage themselves, individual crew and entire teams, both onboard and ashore.


  • cigarrs

    GUEST ½ Day Cigar Service

    Course Description

    This introduction to the world of cigars offers a sound theoretical foundation and provides candidates with the ability to deal with cigars confidently and develop a greater appreciation for this luxury item. Understanding production and correct handling methods, as well as what to do when a guest requests a cigar, are all skills taught in this module.


  • purser2

    Chief Stew Course

    Chief Stewardess/Stewards Course Overview

    This five-day program is aimed at individuals who have worked in senior positions onboard for at least two seasons who are looking to consolidate their knowledge base and potentially build valuable new skills to help them become more effective in their roles. (more…)

  • towles20

    5-day GUEST Advanced Service Course

    • 3 day – Advanced Service Module
    • 1 day – Spirits and Mixology Module
    • 1 day – Advanced Table Decorations Module


  • Home2-3-Super-Yacht-On-shore-Interior-Crew-Training-320x313-150x150

    GUEST 5-Day Introduction to Interior Training

    This five-day intensive course is guaranteed to teach you all you need to know to get you started in the yachting industry. You will get a clear overview of back of service, front of house, laundry, crew etiquette, administration and human resources. By the end of the course, you will be able to accurately interpret exactly what your owner or charter guests want by assessing the situation thanks to your training.


  • table

    3-day GUEST Advanced Service Course

    •  – Advanced Service Module
    •  – Spirits and Mixology Module
    •  – Advanced Table Decorations Module


  • w600-s_119367814

    GUEST 10-Day Advanced Pure Excellence

    10 day course consisting of the following advanced modules:

    • Interior Administration & Human Resources

    • Advanced Service

    • Introduction to Mixology

    • Advanced Housekeeping

    • Advanced Laundry Service

    • Valet Service


  • drink2

    GUEST 1-Day Spirits & Mixology Module 1

    This course focuses on core spirits as well as the practical element of learning to make cocktails, including which tools to use, understanding recipes, the importance of a balanced drink and creating new combinations.

    Some formal basic training and/ or previous onboard training (minimum 1 season) is required for participation on this course. (more…)

  • latte-art

    GUEST 1-Day Barista and Hot Beverages


    • The History of Coffee
    • The Barista, The Grind and The Extraction
    • Latte Art


Onboard training

Terry Gilmore, Abacus & March Director, leads our on-board super yacht training services for interior crew. With 20+ years of experience working as Chief Steward he’s well placed to advise on all aspects of service and Interior work.

Abacus & March have a fantastic team of people in our training team including a Barista and cocktail expert, with over 10 years’ industry experience, and our dedicated wine and cigar specialist.

Our on-board 5 day training course runs under the GUEST programme and is individually tailored to suit the specific needs of each and every Super Yacht and client.

Our industry-leading trainers travel worldwide and can be made available at short notice on a daily basis.

For a chat or to receive a bespoke quote tailored to your owners’ and crew’s training needs please contact or call Lucy direct +33(0)6 46 64 10 61

Scheduled training

Our scheduled interior courses are held at our training facilities in Antibes, France. Food Safety courses are held in collaboration with Ocean Wave Monaco.

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